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The Ricks...

I don't wanna get my ears pierced, Rick

The Ricks
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The ricklicious gals are the best gals you'll ever meet. They were inspired by the SNL clip including Amy Poehler, Kate Winslet, and Horatio Sanz. The Ricks enjoy getting together and producing our very own video clips using ashley bernatchez' shitty camera. We preffer to be naked on any day that ends in Y. We like to grab each others asses when we believe others are not looking. We KNOW we're better than everyone else, because we're hot motha fuckas. If you aren't a rick now you will never be a rick, so leave now and if i ever catch you at this community...

I'll slit your throat, push you in the nearest sewer, rats will eat you alive, your dead body will fall into your daddy's arms and he will rape you for 24 hours straight.

Thank you, and have a great day! :D

Love always,
The Ricks <3 xox *smooches*